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Kai Rotary Cutter - Small

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  • Brand New KAI 1-1/16" (28mm) Blade Wheel Cutter.
  • The Kai 5028 Rotary Cutter features a natural hand grip with an included pressure-sensitive, 28mm tungsten steel blade. The smaller 28mm tungsten steel blade is designed for maneuverability and efficient cutting. It has a universal grip for right or left handed use. This is a traditional style rotary cutter. Most brands of rotary cutter blades will fit the Kai rotary cutters.
  • It cuts patterns, fabric, leather, vinyl, mylar... even wallpaper. The Wheel Cutter's unique permanent blade guard retracts only when the cutter is in use, making it one of the safest tools in the cutting room. Both left and right handers can use it easily to cut forward and backward, straight lines and curves.
  • 1-1/16" (28mm) Diameter Tungsten Steel Blade Convenient Lightweight Plastic Handle Adjustable Safety Guard and Disk Brake Action Use replacement blade #5028BL Made in Japan Packaging may vary