About Us

Our names are Karen and Susan and we have been friends for over 30 years. We have lived in the same town, both married our childhood sweethearts and both raised and continue to raise a total of 5 children between us.

From way back when, we would catch up on bitterly cold mornings watching our children play sport, mostly football. We have always had a dream - to one day, have our very own shop – somewhere that sells beautiful things, somewhere for people to go to fulfil a dream of creating, to walk into a shop that is like walking into a friend’s house, being offered a warm welcome and a chat and some help with choosing beautiful gifts. To have a shop with clothes that make you feel a million dollars and fabric which inspires the creativity in all of us.

We fulfilled this long held dream in 2013 when we both left our jobs we had been at since we were teenagers and took an almighty plunge headfirst into the vision we had now finally made a reality.

We knew we only wanted to sell products that would last, quality, timeless beauty and gifts that speak to the soul.

Due to a pact we both made to only sell items that were chosen carefully with much love, care and pride, gifts both of us would be able to stand behind in good faith and good conscience, the success was astounding.

We now want to expand our dream and our community to be available to the world. You can now “pop in” to our online store and enjoy the little world inside that we have to offer.

We look forward to meeting you and to doing everything we can to help you choose that gift with love, find that perfect outfit or create that one of a kind sewing project!

With much love and pride,

Karen and Susan xx