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Pinking Shears

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Triumph Quality Homewares Pinking Shears

Comfortgrip handle Suitable for all Dressmaking and Multi-use Craft purposes

Quality Stainless Steel Blades and Spring

Right or Left Handed Ball Bearing Joint

How to use pinking shears: Pinking shears perfrom best on medium weight woven fabrics, such as Homespun, Calico, Patchwork Fabrics, Cottons, Wools, Felts etc.

The are not recommended for heavy fabrics, knitted fabrics, tricots, thin or silky fabrics. For best results, lay the fabric flat ona table when cutting. The performance is reduced if the fabics are held in the hand. Place the fabric into the pinker up to the second last notch from the handle. Do not jam the fabric all the way into the wide open pinker.

Care Instructions: Clean scissors regularly. Use a soft cloth with anti-static spray. Particular care is needed to ensure blades are free of any glue or sticky tape, even the smallest amount of glue or tape will impair the scissor cutting action. To remove glue or tape, wipe with a soft cloth and mineral turpentine.

Oiling: Occasionally, open the scissor fully and apply a small amount of sewing machine oil to the pivot joint. Wipe off any excess.

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