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Coastal Planter - Small

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  • Material: Bamboo, Metal
  • Size: S:26x26x37cm
Planters can make all the difference to the manner in which your display of plants can eventually look like and here is a set with two planters varied in width and height. Gorgeously crafted from strips of bamboo and topped with a tub made of metal to give it sturdiness and durability. It has been designed in such a way that while it will be lightweight and easy to shift its balance will be perfect.
Crafted entirely from bamboo, this set of stands will give any plant you wish to display, just that perfect advantage-after all, some of the shirt stemmed plants need just that extra boost of height to bring to focus the beauty of their foliage. Made from fine quality bamboo, it has strips of the materials shaping up the sides and the top is made of metal tub which shall be the receptacle of the plant you decide to place there, sunk in deep enough, it shall provide just the right kind of balance. The set will help create layered look as the tow stands are varied in height and thus even short stemmed foliar or flowering plants will get their well-deserved attention. Use them in the interiors of the house your patio or the balcony-their neat kind of finish enables them the place inside your home too. Will be rather easy to shift around, yet be sturdy and durable because of the basic design it possesses.
Please Note: This is a handmade bamboo product finishes may vary.
The construction process of this item requires firing of the bamboo to allow for malleability and shaping. Some parts of the bamboo may be black due to this common firing practice.