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Mary Ellen's

Best Press - Citrus Grove

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Best Press Spray Starch is fantastic for helping you iron out those stubborn wrinkles in your fabrics without clogging, flacking or leaving residue, even on your dark fabrics. We all enjoy the simple pleasures in life; One of them includes wearing a lovely pressed, wrinkle free and crisp, smooth piece of clothing. When ironing however, how many times do you find the wrinkles in your clothes just vanishing as you put the hot press on them? Probably not as much as you would wish for. Wrinkles can, without a doubt, be stubborn and rumpled fabrics can give anyone a headache. However, what if we let you in on a little secret to help make those stubborn wrinkles disappear, and bring your ironing experience to a level of comfort or maybe even joy?

Features and characteristics of the Mary Ellens Best Press Spray Starch: Citrus Grove

- Mary Ellens Best Press Spray Starch is an ironing product made to help you enjoy your ironing. The 1L refill and 473ml spray bottle pack has the lovely fresh fragrance of Citrus Grove. The light scent fills the air when the warmth of the iron touches it. Leave your aerosol starch behind for the latest crisp and clear spray starch.
- Being a non-aerosol, this product is absolutely environmentally friendly. The transparent bottle lets you see how much liquid is left.
- You will find there is no flaking or wrinkles. This crisp and clear starch produces a mist spray so there is zero clogging, flaking, or undesired white residues on your precious fabrics.
- A special stain shield helps to protect your fabrics at all times.
- You can also use this starch before you cut your materials. Starching before you cut can take out the wrinkles and therefore you will start with stabilized fabric. This helps to make piecing more accurate.